DAC Electrocompaniet ECD 2


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ECD 2High Performance Balanced DAC (24 Bit /192kHz)

More and more people trust storage and playback of their favourite music to digital sources like computers, iPod’s and streaming devices. This is very convenient and flexible, but often the audio quality is not as good as it should be – some of the passion and feeling in the music is lost.

With ECD 2 we have combined modern digital audio electronics with state of the art analog circuitry based on Electrocompaniets design priniciples. The result is extremely low levels of distortion, noise and jitter that will reproduce all your digital sources ultra detailed and precise, while still maintaining the warm and open Electrocompaniet sound.

ECD 2 has an asynchronous USB interface supporting HD audio up to 192kHz/24bit. Connect your computer directly to the USB input and enjoy playback directly from the media player, Spotify or other online sources. Connect your media center or TV/satellite decoder to any of the SPDIF inputs to experience true world class HD audio playback.

ECD 2 has built-in Volume control for direct connection to a power amplifier. The volume and input source is easily controlled from the included IR remote control. The ECD 2 is also supports the ECT 3 universal remote control.

Fiche technique

Bande passante 5Hz- 45KHz
Rapport signal/bruit 125dB
Distortion harmonique 0,0005%
Taux d'échantillonage 192Khz / 24bit Spdif Coax
Taux d'échantillonage USB 192Khz / 24bit Asynchrone
Impédance de sortie 300 oms
Niveau de sortie (RCA) 2.3V rms
Niveau de sortie (symétrique) 4.6V rms
Largeur 465 mm
Hauteur 78 mm
Profondeur 316 mm
Poids 8 Kg
Consommation 50W
Consommation maxi en veille : 0.5W


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DAC Electrocompaniet ECD 2

DAC Electrocompaniet ECD 2

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