Xindak XA6800R(II) - Nouveau modèle 2016 - Coup de coeur Tubophile

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The Xindak XA6800R (II) Adopts new look and internals. It is a pure class A integrated amplifier designed with high standards in mind for our customers to enjoy Their preferred music. Derived from the XA6800R, internals are made of Carefully selected components with the objective to Improve Both sound performance and reliability. Operating as a pure class A amplifier, good heat dissipation is ensured through the design of copper heat conduction bridges on Both Sides of the increase. Not only Does this Provide a steady and reasonable operating temperature, aim it Enhances the power output. A symmetric design completes the picture around an R-type power supply of prime properties. These are examples of FEW details attached to the building and circuit design of this new integrated amplifier. Two meters across the front panel not only informed about the operation of the amplifier, with a blue backlight goal aussi Improves the aesthetic. The black housing, derived from our acclaimed High-End PA Power Amplifier, adds to the striking look. To the full picture, the versatility of the new XA6800R (II) Reaches new territories with the addition of a USB entry (on top of 4 analog inputs) to connect your computer and enjoy your digital music library. THUS equipped, the new XA6800R (II) is ready to Become the heart of a single solution with astonishing to Implement That only performance class A amplifiers can bring to music lovers.

Fiche technique

Puissance efficace (watts RMS) 30W+30W(Class A)
Entrées RCA 4*RCA
Entrées XLR 1*USB
Bande passante 10Hz-100KHz(±1db)
Rapport signal/bruit ≥93dB
Impedance d'entrée 33K
Sensibilité d'entrée 395mV
Largeur 430
Hauteur 410
Profondeur 140
Poids 19KG


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