Bada PL2000 câble secteur hifi haut de gamme


195,00 € TTC

Délai de livraison après commande: 3 - 4 jours


Bada PL2000 is a power cable / quality ratio really amazing price, given its benefits. - Cotton braid Presence between drivers by absorbing low frequency vibrations. - Presence of magnetic shielding of aluminum foil grounded Used alone, without lintermédiaire of a mains filter, it is already capable of dapporter quality improvements découte incommensurate with its entrance price range. It excels same for any direct connection to the power modules, or integrated, and also to all sources or preamplifiers, as well as to any electronic lamps. It therefore offers sound performances of the highest level at an extremely competitive price. Use with mains filters: Both our sector network that our electromagnetic environment are polluted and saturated with various parasites. This pollution and interference seriously affect the performance and longevity of your Quà electrical and electronic equipment of high quality. To benefit from lintégralité potential of your devices, and also to perpetuate your investment, it is necessary to clean up, purify and protect The power supply sector. The PL2000 is ideal for industry Filter General The power supply or Bada LB6600 LB5600.


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